Antibody Validation Project




Antibody Validation Project


We understand that from time-to-time that our customers may find an antibody which is not listed in the species or application for their desired research. Or perhaps are simply looking for peace-of-mind in validation when purchasing a new primary antibody. We have a range of over 8,000 monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies available for exploration.

To try any of our primary antibodies, please enquire using the link below. You can apply to receive up to 5 free trial size antibodies.

Taking part in this project requires some work, but no more than you would normally carry out in your own laboratory. We will also reward you for sharing your findings with us.



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- Researchers may apply for up to 5 exploratory 20ul samples from catalogued items with the STJ9XXXX prefix.

- Upon submission, our specialists will contact you to provide further information on your request, as well as the appropriate testing report forms.

- Rewards are available for the provision of results. Please see full Antibody Validation Project T&C's here.



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