Tubulin control antibodies

Tubulin is an essential part of the cellular cytoskeleton in eukaryotic cells. The filamentous structure of microtubules are made up of small globular tubulin proteins, which provide structural support, migratory elements (through flagellar) and regulate intracellular transport. Tubulins form as heterodimers consisting of alpha and beta subunits to product microtubule filaments. Three other family members exist (gamma, delta and epsilon-tubulins) in eukaryotes, as well as a six which is only found in kinetoplastid protozoa. The typical molecular weight of tubulins are 55 kDa.

Due to their cellular support structure, tubulins make great immunofluorescence markers for observing the intracellular organisation of proteins.

Tubulin control antibodies which are available in to trial through the Antibody Validation Project include: STJ97123 rabbit polyclonal PCNA antibody, and STJ97037 mouse monoclonal Tubulin antibody.

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