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St John's Laboratory offers a variety of primary polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies. With numerous cited primary and secondary antibodies available from our catalogue of more than 30,000 antibodies we have you covered for your western blot, immunofluorescence, ELISA and other assay needs. So whether you are after rabbit monoclonals, goat polyclonals or ELISA kits, we provide coverage for the majority of research areas.


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Feature Product - Anti-Beta Actin Antibody (STJ96930)

Feature Product - Anti-Beta Actin Antibody (STJ96930)

Mouse monoclonal Anti-Beta Actin Antibody with 4 reviews above 4-star. In multiple applications and multiple species, at a high dilution.

IHC Guaranteed Antibodies

IHC guaranteed antibodies

We have selected a wide range of IHC validated primary antibodies suitable for immunohistochemistry application, from pathology and cancer research to immunology and usual biomarkers.

  Loading Controls

Loading Controls

Loading controls are usually proteins that exhibit high-level,
constitutive expression in the cell type or sample you are studying.
Housekeeping genes are often chosen for use this purpose.

Rabbit Monoclonals

Rabbit Monoclonals

Rabbit monoclonal immunoglobulins give a better reaction to antigens than those from rodents such as mice. Using rabbit monoclonal antibodies is particularly advantageous for more accurate immunohistochemistry results.

Phospho Antibodies

Phospho Antibodies

Protein phosphorylation plays a significant role in a wide range of cellular processes including cell growth and proliferation, metabolism, physiological regulation and cell signalling


KO Validated Antibodies

        In a knockout validation, antibody specificity is confirmed by testing the antibody of interest on a knockout sample or cell line which doesn't express the target protein.

Goat Primary Antibodies

Goat Primary Antibodies

Goat primary antibodies are ideal for large scale projects at a low cost. We have +3000 goat primary antibodies suitable for any experiment.

Tag antibodies

Tag Antibodies

Tag antibodies are frequently used with recombinant protein cell cultures to allow researchers to selectively extract a target protein from the endogenous samples. One of the most popular is the Anti-mCherry-Tag antibody used widely in gene expression assays.

  • Anti-PTPRC Antibody (PE-Cyanine5) [STJ121287]

    Anti-PTPRC Antibody (PE-Cyanine5)
    Clonality: Monoclonal
    Host: Mouse
    Reactivity: Human
    Applications: FC