Anti-CD81 Antibody (PE)

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Product name Anti-CD81 Antibody (PE)
Short Description Mouse monoclonal to CD81 PE
Description The clone 1D6 recognizes 26kDa surface antigen protein characterized as CD81. It is also known as TAPA-1 which is a member of the tetraspanin family. CD81 is widely expressed on various immune cells such as T and B cells, NK cells, monocytes, dendritic cells, thymocytes, endothelial cells, and fibroblasts. The 1D6 clone is considered as a potent immune agent that induces homotypic adhesion and has powerful anti-proliferative effects.
Applications FC
Protein Name CD81 antigen
26 kDa cell surface protein TAPA-1
Target of the antiproliferative antibody 1
CD antigen CD81
Immunogen 5A6 aggregated OCI-Ly8 human B cell line
Storage Instruction Store at 2-8°C.
Note For Research Use Only (RUO).
Validated Application FC
Host Mouse
Clonality Monoclonal
Reactivity Human
Conjugation PE
Purification >95%
Isotype IgG1, k
Formulation PBS pH 7.2, 0.2% BSA (w/v), 0.09% sodium azide
Gene ID 975
Gene Symbol CD81
Database Links HGNC:1701
Alternative Names CD81
CD81 antigen antibody
26 kDa cell surface protein TAPA-1 antibody
Target of the antiproliferative antibody 1 antibody
Tetraspanin-28 antibody
Tspan-28 antibody
CD antigen CD81
CD81 antibody
TAPA1 antibody
Cellular Localization Cell membrane
Swiss-Prot Key P60033
Bad Good
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