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With more than 50 varieties of secondary antibody, and offering 5 different conjugation options, we have the right secondary antibody for you. Choose between unconjugated, FITC-, HRP-, Biotin- and Gold-conjugated secondary antibodies.


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Goat Secondary Antibodies

Goat Secondary Antibodies

Goat secondary antibodies are ideal for large scale projects and are the most used secondary antibodies. Goat antibodies are the standard secondary antibody used against most species.

Rabbit Secondary Antibodies

Rabbit Secondary Antibodies

Rabbit antibodies have an immune response against a broader range of antigens, providing a strong signal.

Mouse Secondary Antibodies

Mouse Secondary Antibodies

Mouse antibodies are homogeneous and consistent, with high sensitivity to target species immunoglobins. Each of our mouse secondary antibodies are monoclonal.

HRP Conjugated Secondary Antibodies

HRP Conjugated Secondary Antibodies

HRP secondary antibodies are commomly used in western blot (WB), immunohistochemistry (IHC) and ELISA. HRP has a high turnover rate that allows generation of strong signals in a relatively short time span.

FITC Conjugated Secondary Antibodies

FITC Conjugated Secondary Antibodies

FITC conjugated antibodies produce a fluorescent colour that can be observed directly. The intensity and narrow wavelength of the fluorochromes makes them useful in IHC and ICC, using both visible and fluorescence microscopy, and in flow cytometry.

Gold Conjugated Antibodies

Gold Conjugated Secondary Antibodies

Gold conjugated antibodies are being used in an increasing number of applications, including western blots, dot-blots, electron microscopy, light microscopy, in situ hybridizations and in lateral flow/vertical flow rapid tests.

Biotin Conjugated Antibodies

Biotin Conjugated Secondary Antibodies

Biotinylated secondary antibodies allow for signal amplification, which makes biotin conjugated secondary antibodies suitable for detecting proteins expressed at low levels.

DyLight™ Conjugated Antibodies

DyLight™ Conjugated Secondary Antibodies

DyLight™ Fluor secondary antibodies are high-performance fluorescent conjugates for use as secondary molecular probes in fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry, western blotting, ELISA, high-content screening, and other array platforms.

Unconjugated Antibodies

Unconjugated Secondary Antibodies

Unconjugated antibodies give the versatility of choice of the label depending on application and how the secondary antibody is going to be detected.

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