Trial Size ABCG2 Antibodies Available Through The Antibody Validation Project

Trial size ABCG2 antibodies available in the Antibody Validation Project

Trial size ABCG2 antibodies available in the Antibody Validation Project


What is ABCG2?

The ABCG2 gene encodes the second member of the ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporter superfamily, ATP-binding cassette super-family G member 2 (ABCG2). ABC transporters are a superfamily involved in transportation of various molecules across extra- and intracellular membranes.


Where is ABCG2 found?

ABCG2 is found in numerous tissues, however strongest expression is noted in the gastrointestinal tract and muscle, as well as male and female specific tissues.
(Specific expressions include: Seminal vesicle, Duodenum, Small intestine, Colon, Rectum, Placenta, Smooth muscle, Thyroid gland, Adrenal gland, Lung, Testis, Heart muscle and Cerebral cortex.)


What role does ABCG2 play in disease?

A key protein for researchers as the transporter is well understood to contribute to multi-drug resistance in cancer therapy. It's alternative name as the breast cancer resistance protein (BCRP) is a clear indicator of its role as a protection mechanism for cancer stem cells. The complexity of its oligomeric structure and stability in disease makes the protein a prime target for researchers. Destabilising the protein in disease could be a new venture for therapeutic discovery in minimising cancer MDR.


ABCG2 antibodies in the Antibody Validation Project

St John's Laboratory offers a variety of trial size primary antibodies which target ABCG2, which are available to try through the Antibody Validation Project. Below we highlight those which have already been reviewed, as well as others which are available to try.

Customer reviewed ABCG2 antibodies

ModelNameHostClonalityRatingApplication Tested
STJ97253Anti-ABCG2 antibodyRabbitPolyclonal5WB

Other ABCG2 antibodies available in the Antibody Validation Project

ModelNameHostClonalityRecommended Applications
STJ97515Anti-ABCG2 antibodyRabbitPolyclonalWB,IHC,ELISA
STJ97809Anti-ABCG2 antibodyMouseMonoclonalWB,IHC,IF,FC,ELISA
STJ97810Anti-ABCG2 antibodyMouseMonoclonalWB,IF,ELISA

We also have a number of other products, which at this time are not available in the Antibody Validation Project. Although not currently listed with samples, these products are popular with our customers.

ModelNameHostClonalityRecommended Applications
STJ111083Anti-ABCG2 AntibodyRabbitPolyclonalWB,IHC,FC
STJ22467Anti-ABCG2 AntibodyRabbitPolyclonalWB,IHC
STJ27628Anti-ABCG2 AntibodyRabbitPolyclonalWB
STJ27931Anti-ABCG2 AntibodyRabbitPolyclonalWB

How does the Antibody Validation Project Work?

In order to help our customers with their choice of antibody with low risk, we offer one of the largest ranges of primary antibodies with trial size options available.

The Antibody Validation Project works like this.
1. Order your trial size antibody online.
2. Explore its suitability.
3. Return your results by posting them on the product page.
4. Receive a sample refund.

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