Antibodies and ELISA kits related to nCoV-2019 novel coronavirus research

Antibodies and ELISA kits related to nCoV-2019 novel coronavirus research


History of coronaviruses

Coronaviruses are first described in detail back in the 1960s, receiving their name from the distinctive shape of the sugary- proteins spiking from the envelope that surround the particle, resembling a crown. They possess the longest genome of any RNA- based virus: one strand of nucleic acid long between 26,000 to 32,000 bases. SARS-CoV-2, known previously as 2019- nCoV, is the latest strand of this family to be discovered. It possesses similar symptoms as the Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) and the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV). This new strand of coronavirus can cause flu- like symptoms in humans which can lead to severe acute respiratory syndrome, pneumonia and in some cases death.

Recent research of the 2019-nCoV

Since the initial outbreak in Wuhan, China, scientists focused on identifying the sequence of this particular strand. Chinese researchers found that the novel coronavirus is part of the 2B group, with at least 70% similarity to SARS-CoV and over 90% with a bat coronavirus.

Invading host cells happens by the virus attaching a specific cellular receptor via the spike protein. SARS-CoV uses the ACE-2 receptor, while MERS-CoV binds to DPP4. The results of recent studies show that the new strand of coronavirus can use the same receptor/ ACE-2/ to enter the cell as its predecessor, the SARS- CoV.

Up to the time of publishing this article, no vaccines or antiviral treatment have been created for the new strand of coronavirus. Currently the main focus is on agents targeting cell components and specifically host cell receptors in order to minimise and block viral replication.

We offer antibodies and ELISA kits suitable for research purposes of the new strand of Coronavirus.

Antibodies and ELISA kits to support coronavirus research

Coronavirus related antibodies

STJ140102Anti-MERSC-CoV Spike Protein antibodyWBTrial size
STJ400091Anti-CoV OC43 antibodyELISA
STJ400092Anti-CoV OC43 antibodyELISA
STJ98377Anti-SARS-E2 antibodyWB, ELISA
STJ98378Anti-SARS-M antibodyWB, ELISA

ACE-2 receptor antibodies

STJ111706Anti-ACE2 AntibodyWB, IHC, FC
STJ114610Anti-ACE2 AntibodyWB

Cytokine antibodies

STJ113176Anti-TNF AntibodyWB
STJ114324Anti-IFNG AntibodyWB
STJ116437Anti-IFNGR2 AntibodyWB
STJ140123Anti-TNF alpha antibodyWB
STJ193179Anti-IL17RA AntibodyIHC,WBTrial size
STJ23298Anti-CXCL10 AntibodyWB
STJ24133Anti-IFNG AntibodyWB,IHC
STJ24134Anti-IFNGR2 AntibodyWB,IHC,FC
STJ25882Anti-TNF AntibodyWB,IHC,IF
STJ28315Anti-IFNGR1 AntibodyWB
STJ29696Anti-IFNGR2 AntibodyWB
STJ29854Anti-DPP4 AntibodyWB
STJ71202Anti-DPP4 AntibodyPep-ELISA, WB
STJ73001Anti-IFNGR1 AntibodyPep-ELISA, WB
STJ90529Anti-Phospho-IL-2 beta (Y364) antibodyWB,IF,ELISATrial size
STJ90530Anti-Phospho-IL-2 beta (Y364) antibodyWB,ELISATrial size
STJ90719Anti-Phospho-IL-2 alpha (S268) antibodyWB,IHC,IF,ELISATrial size
STJ93682Anti-IL-17RC antibodyWB,ELISATrial size
STJ93683Anti-IL-17 alpha antibodyWB,ELISATrial size
STJ93688Anti-IL-2 antibodyWB,ELISATrial size
STJ93693Anti-IL-2 alpha antibodyWB,IF,ELISATrial size
STJ93694Anti-IL-2 beta antibodyWB,ELISATrial size
STJ93695Anti-IL-2 beta antibodyWB,IHC,ELISATrial size
STJ93696Anti-IL-2 beta antibodyWB,IF,ELISATrial size
STJ93744Anti-IP-10 antibodyIHC,ELISATrial size
STJ96054Anti-TNF-alpha antibodyIF,ELISATrial size
STJ96516Anti-TNF-alpha antibodyELISA,IHC,WBTrial size
STJ96608Anti-IL-2 alpha antibodyWB,ELISATrial size
STJ96629Anti-IL-2 beta antibodyWB,ELISATrial size
STJ97488Anti-TNF alpha antibodyWBTrial size
STJ97489Anti-TNF alpha antibodyWB,IHCTrial size
STJ97493Anti-TNF alpha antibodyIHC,WBTrial size
STJ97494Anti-TNF alpha antibodyIHC,WBTrial size
STJ97660Anti-CD26 antibodyWB,IHC,ELISATrial size
STJ98172Anti-IL-2 antibodyWB,ELISATrial size
STJ99202Anti-TNF-a antibodyWB,ELISATrial size

ELISA kits

STJ150067Rat IL6 Elisa kit
STJ150068Rat CXCL10 ELISA kit
STJ150070Rat IL17A ELISA kit
STJ150102Human IL6 ELISA kit
STJ150104Human IL-2 (Interleukin 2) ELISA kit
STJ150106Human IL6 ELISA kit
STJ150108Human IL17A ELISA kit
STJ150109Human IFN-gamma(Interferon Gamma) ELISA kit
STJ150110Human TNF ELISA kit
STJ150112Human VEGFA ELISA kit
STJ150117Human IL1B ELISA kit
STJ150153Mouse IL6 ELISA kit
STJ150154Mouse IL1B ELISA kit
STJ150156Mouse IL6 ELISA kit
STJ150157Mouse TNF ELISA kit
STJ150169Rat IFN-gamma(Interferon Gamma) ELISA kit
STJ150171Rat IL1B ELISA kit
STJ150172Rat IL6 ELISA kit
STJ150174Rat TNF ELISA kit
STJ150221Mouse IFN-gamma(Interferon Gamma) ELISA kit
STJ150226Mouse IL-2(Interleukin 2) ELISA kit
STJ150228Mouse CXCL10 ELISA kit
STJ150234Mouse VEGFA ELISA kit
STJ150236Rat IL-2(Interleukin 2) ELISA kit
STJ150239Rat VEGFA ELISA kit
STJ150545Mouse IL6ST ELISA kit
STJ150546Mouse IL6R ELISA kit