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  • Beta Actin – What’s so special about it?

    Beta Actin – What’s so special about it? Of the thousands and thousands of known proteins that exist within the human genome, actin demonstrates one of the greatest abundances and unchanged filament protein found in almost every cell type. Its highly conserved nature is involved in more protein-protein interactions than...
  • IHC guaranteed Antibodies

      Explore our range of IHC guaranteed antibodies   Choose from 296 distinct targets, fully validated, 100% guaranteed in IHC, all antibodies manufactured according to the highest standard.Our high quality mono and polyclonal antibodies have been engineered to deliver consistent specific and sensitive stains, so you can be confident about...
  • The History and Future Prospects to Antibodies

    The History and Future Prospects of Antibodies 
Its fair to say that over the past two centuries research and treatment regarding the knowledge and applications of antibodies has come a long way from its early discoveries and basic understandings. Who first recognise the potential of antibodies? The existence of a...
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