Beta Actin

Beta Actin – What’s so special about it? Out of all the thousands and thousands of known proteins that exist within the human genome, actin is the most abundant


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Western Blot Membrane Stripping


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Brief History of Antibodies



From Vaccines to monoclonals

Over the past two centuries research and treatment regarding the knowledge and applications of antibodies has come a long way from its early discoveries and basic understanding...

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    The Bradford Protein Assay Tips - Preparing For Western Blotting

    The Bradford Protein Assay is a simple spectroscopic technique which is used in laboratory research to measure the total concentration of protein in a particular sample. The principle of the procedure revolves around the concept that the maximum absorbance of acidic Coomassie Brilliant Blue G-250 alters when protein binding occurs...

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    Immunohistochemistry - getting the most out of your IHC protocol

    Immunohistochemistry - getting the most out of your IHC protocol The application of immunohistochemistry provides a visual opportunity to interpret tissue integrity, and allows for monitoring of the way in which protein expression is distributed across them. In previous years the application mainly visualised proteins using the chromogenic method, but...

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    Antibodies in immunofluorescence: top tips

    Antibodies in immunofluorescence: top tips If you work with antibodies, the chances are that you’re familiar with immunofluorescence (IF), or at least the application term. This common laboratory technique uses antibodies labelled with a fluorescent dye to detect a target antigen. Popular due to its reliability and relative simplicity, IF...

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    Top tips for optimum SDS-PAGE results

    Top tips for optimum SDS-PAGE results The process of sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) is a widely used technique in biochemistry, molecular biology and biotechnology. The method is commonly combined with antibody-based detection in Western blotting procedures and can be used in antibody application to differentiate proteins from...

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    FAQ - Antibody Validation Project

    FAQ Antibody Validation Project The Antibody Validation Project is a modern sampling platform. It gives you the opportunity to develop a complete picture of the products you need, and utilise the data provided by others. It gives you the ability to educate, train and utilise your research tools more effectively...