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Product name Human HMGB1 ELISA Kit
Short Description Human ELISA Kit to HMGB1
Description The kit is a sandwich enzyme immunoassay for in vitro quantitative measurement of HMGB-1 in human serum, plasma and other biological fluids
Applications ELISA
Dilution range 31.25--2000pg/mL
Protein Name High mobility group protein B1
High mobility group protein 1
Storage Instruction Store at 4°C for 6 months.
Note For Research Use Only (RUO).
Validated Application ELISA
Conjugation Unconjugated
Concentration 2000pg/mL
Gene ID 3146
Gene Symbol HMGB1
Molecular Weight 24.9 kDa
Database Links HGNC:4983
Alternative Names High mobility group protein B1
High mobility group protein 1
Function Multifunctional redox sensitive protein with various roles in different cellular compartments, In the nucleus is one of the major chromatin-associated non-histone proteins and acts as a DNA chaperone involved in replication, transcription, chromatin remodeling, V(D)J recombination, DNA repair and genome stability, Proposed to be an universal biosensor for nucleic acids, Promotes host inflammatory response to sterile and infectious signals and is involved in the coordination and integration of innate and adaptive immune responses, In the cytoplasm functions as sensor and/or chaperone for immunogenic nucleic acids implicating the activation of TLR9-mediated immune responses, and mediates autophagy, Acts as danger associated molecular pattern (DAMP) molecule that amplifies immune responses during tissue injury .
Post-translational Modifications Phosphorylated at serine residues, Phosphorylation in both NLS regions is required for cytoplasmic translocation followed by secretion ,
Cellular Localization Nucleus
Tissue Specificity Serum, Plasma, Biological Fluids
Swiss-Prot Key P09429
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