Antibody Validation Project

Step out of the dark

Introducing St John's Laboratory Antibody Validation Project, the open, flexible approach to sourcing antibodies. We've taken a community approach to antibody validation to meet your research needs, wherever you are. Take time in finding the right product for you, risk free....and essentially free.

Break Free

When it comes to the antibody experience, most researchers are stuck in the dark. They are limited by the information available to them provided by the antibody supplier, are hard to verify and offer a one-dimensional view of antibody quality.

The Antibody Validation Project represents a different approach. The Antibody Validation Project is a modern sampling platform. It gives you the opportunity to develop a complete picture of the products you need, and utilise the data provided by others. It gives you the ability to educate, train and utilise your research tools more effectively. Above all, it gives you opportunity to explore more.

Step into the light


antibodies ready for your laboratory

Our growing list of trial size antibodies gives you access to more, with freedom to explore. Train your students, compare alongside your current brand, or simply check it works for the tissue needed for your research.


Trust in peer reviewed validated antibodies

Contribute to a growing community of researchers, and discover new dynamics of antibody use.


Guarantee your research investment

We guarantee a 100% sample refund if products fail to perform as prescribed


Collaborate. Research. Validate.

Simply search by gene to find your target protein.

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